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Archery Lessons

Archery has become a big part of my life.  After stepping down from coaching high school soccer and baseball to focus on being a dad I was missing that competitive feeling.   I had always enjoyed archery in Boy Scouts...but that was 30 years ago!!!

I decided to take up the sport and got basic bows for my sons.   We all loved it and have since upgraded equipment and got involved with local organizations. 

I compete along side my sons and wife.  The sport is great for mental strength training and focus.  This also has given me a new outlet for coaching, which has always been a passions of mine.   

I have gone on to get my USA Archery Level 3 NTS Coaching certification and run a local JOAD program.  

Primarily, I shoot Olympic recurve.  Also experienced shooting compound bow for target and field archery.

Beginner lessons are available in Woodbury, CT

1 Person - $40/hr

2 People - $70/hr

3 People - $90/hr

Advanced lessons for competitive archers


This includes weekly 1hr training session.  Virtual check in for continued independent work, as well as mental management training for the competitive mindset needed for competition.  

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