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Find Balance with BEAM Motivation & Coaching

Body Emotions and Mind

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We will work as a TEAM

We will find your drive together

Motivation.  Self Esteem. Desire.  Perseverance. We all have these traits and qualities in us.  I’ll help you find yours. I’m not here to give you the magic answer.  I’m here to help you find your confidence to move forward in all aspects of your life.

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Thought-Based Approach

My name is Jason and I have been motivating and coaching in some aspect for over 20 years.  For 15 years I coached high school soccer and baseball and pride myself on coaching the mental aspect of sports.  I also completed my personal training certifications  The confidence. The determination. Motivating every athlete, from the most skilled, to the least experienced to have the confidence to succeed.  
My story...
My coaching is a combination of training and schooling that I have received as well as my own personal life experiences.  In the years of high school coaching I had to take my initial certification class that included a 40 hour course.  Each year we would take CEU's...continuing educational units.  These CEU's ranged from health, fitness, mandated reporting protocols, and other legal aspects of coaching and working with youth. 


I have experienced divorce from both perspectives.  My parents divorced when I was 9 and I have recently divorced.  Having experienced the ups and downs...or we can say "good and bad" divorced parents work and/or don't work together.  I have made it a priority for my ex and I to work well together for what will always be family, even if not traditional.  We have 2 sons, Bryan & Dylan.  I'm now navigating being in a relationship with someone with kids.  Having experienced it from my youthful eyes, I'm working the best I can to make it a successful venture. for all involved. 


As I mentioned above, I coached high school athletics for over 15 years and absolutely loved it.  People would compliment my passion and drive. In 2015 I stepped down from coaching at the high school level because it was “time to be a Dad”.  Over the years, I would get to my own kids’ games late, or even miss some, while with the high school team.   During the years coaching at the school I was known as “Coach Jay”.  After stepping down, part of me, ”Coach Jay”, was missing. I took it upon myself to to enroll in more training and get my Level 3 USA Archery Coach certification and officially bring “Coach Jay” back into action.  I'm very active in the local archery community.  Coaching a JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) Team.  I have athletes that compete at a state, regional and international level  My proudest moment being when my son, Bryan, became 2023 NFAA Indoor National Champion!

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Life Coaching Session

Get the Most out of Life

We will discuss alternate ways to view the events and happenings in your live.  Sometimes, just another perspective will change what you view as a negative into a positive.

Sports Mental Management

Preparation - Execution - Recovery

The mental game in spots can make or break an athlete's success.  We will start by eliminating the notion that "success" always means "winning" .   I'll explain how the mental game is a big recovery tool when things are not going your way within your sport or an outside event impacting your success.

Coaching Philosophies 

The view of a leader: Coaches & Captains

Why do you coach?  Why were you appointed Captain by your coach?  Who influenced you in the way you lead?  As a coach or captain you will have an impact on the members of your team well beyond the athletic fields.  What impressions do you want to leave?

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Person Training

A No-Fail approach...starting with mindset.

Your health is not just physical.  It's like a tripod.  Three legs, all supporting that expensive camera.  If one leg fails, your investment is destroyed.  My personal training session, as well as any training I do, strengthens all three legs of that tripod...physical, mental and emotional.  

Working any one of those legs will have a carry over to the other two.  Always make sure you take time to address each one individually.  

I will help you with the physical strength and conditioning and help you apply it to your mental and emotional strength.  It's part of the mindset to succeed. 


Personal training is individualized.  Please contact me for pricing on a package designed for your personal needs.

                                      -  Coach Jay

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Experience & Training...
Over the years coaching youth sports I have taken many classes, attended seminars, took my CEU’s, along with other training to keep all certifications up to date as well as just giving myself more knowledge.  These trainings covered the physical side of athletics from fitness and conditioning to nutrition and injury prevention and care. As of the fall of 2018, I have enrolled in college, after 20 years off, to further my education.
As coaches, we also had many hours of training on the mental aspect of spots.  Focus. Confidence. Determination. This being the side of coaching that I loved the most.   These are the concepts that can be applied to any aspect of life. You will only kick a ball in soccer and hit a ball in baseball.  Confidence and determination can be used anywhere from applying for a new job, going back to school, learning a new skill or just tackling something on your bucket list like climbing a mountain or skydiving.


Autumn R.

Parent- Youth soccer player

Coach Jay is a coach my son loves to play for.  His coaking style is so different then WIN WIN WIN. Which I love and my son respects.  Coach is one of the few who actually lets a kid learn to play.   Lessons of all types are learned on the field.  One of my favorite is that he teaches that is a TEAM, not an individual that wins  or loses a match.  He also won't take advantage of the other team if his team is dominating.   He will have his players work on skills and always includes everyone. 

Roy B

High School Soccer Player 

Class of 2001

Coach jay is more then a coach! When he first started I gave him so much trouble but he never gave up on me! Thru sports and personal life he was, and is, always there for me. I’m glad i still keep in touch! We pick up where we left off! Thanks Coach much love

Jessica C.

Parent - Youth Archery student

Coach Jay has been coaching my son in archery for several months now.  He is always available to answer questions  and provide support and motivation for a kid who just started the sport.

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